We’ve been celebrating the launch of our new Freestanding Induction Double Oven Range all month, but you might be wondering…what is induction? Well, we’ve a got a simple, crash course explanation to bring you up to speed.

What it is: A type of cooktop that uses a powerful electromagnet as a heating element. The element transfers energy to pots and pans with a magnetic base only, so only your cookware gets hot.

What it means for you: Faster, more energy-efficient electric cooking that offers the instant control of a gas cooktop. Thanks to the specialized transfer of heat, spilled food won’t burn onto the cooktop, for easy cleanup!

Simple stat: AccuHeat™ induction technology, featured in the new Whirlpool® Induction Double Oven Range, boils more than a gallon of water in 50% less time.*

*Based on boiling 6 liters of water with 11-inch 3700-watt induction elements vs. a 12,500-BTU gas burner.

Learn more about Whirlpool’s Induction Double Oven Range by clicking here.