Sunscreen and chlorine and sand, oh my       

Kids’ swimsuits may be itty-bitty pieces of nylon, but they require the same gentle care as adult-sized models.  Here’s what you do.

• Rotate – make sure each kid has two or even three suits at the beginning of the season, so one is clean and dry every day.

• Rinse – pools have chlorine, the ocean has salt, the beach has sand, and skin should have sunscreen. All of these substances damage a swimsuit’s stretchy synthetic fibers. So rinse the bad stuff out right after wearing, or even better, soak for half an hour. Cold water only.

• Wash – that’s right, after rinsing you need to wash.  In cold water again too!

o Expert tip: Save those vibrant colors! The Duet® washer with Cold Wash cycle and Adaptive Wash Technology, senses and adapts to clothes so they look newer longer, while colors stay vibrant wash after wash*.

*Compared to traditional top load washers.

• Save some energy and skip the dryer and instead hang those swimsuits out to dry outside– but avoid direct sunlight. Sun is bad for elasticity of the suit!