Taming the terrible ketchup stain       

Summer is full of special spills. Sometimes you’ll want to treat them right away, on other occasions it’s best to wait and treat them at home.

• Throw cold water on ketchup, ice cream, popsicle, and blood stains as soon as they happen. Rub a little soap on stubborn stains on the go.

• Get machinery oil, rust, grass, sunscreen, and calamine lotion stains back to the laundry room where they belong. Rust requires specialized pre-treatment products. Grass responds to enzyme detergents.

• Blot up perspiration with a paper towel rather than letting it soak in.

• Follow up on these steps by reading the care label before you wash. For stubborn stains, try using the Clean Boost option on your Duet® washer to add the power of steam, increased wash action and extra rinsing for even more help in breaking down deep soils.