A spring clean that sparkles.

Springtime calls for a squeaky clean kitchen. So start with your appliances. They’ll thank you by performing better, and you’ll get that oh-so-satisfied feeling.

1) Show your fridge some love

That lonely little section behind your fridge is arguably one of the filthiest spaces in your house. Pull out your refrigerator and clean out the collection of dust, water, and a host of other stuff that’s fallen behind the big guy.

2) Clean those crumb-catching corners

That self-clean option doesn’t do it all. To get the gunk around the door hinges and frames, make a habit of wiping them down quickly after using the oven. Do this often and you may never have to scrub it again.

3) Good-bye baked on bits

The best way to remove caked-on food is to microwave a container of water until it boils, then let it sit for a few minutes while the steam loosens particles. Wipe clean. Ta-da!

4) Wipe and Shine

Affresh stainless steel cleaner gently cleans fingerprints, smudges and residue, leaving nothing behind but a streak-free shine.