Make fun for dinner

Here are a few simple ways to get your kids cooking in the kitchen. You’ll be surprised how happy they’ll be to help!

1. Different forks for different foods
From salad forks to butter knives, a wonderful way to teach your kids which utensils go with which meals is to have them set the table.

2. Helping hands are happy hands
Nothing’s more hands on than letting your little helpers measure and mix or stir and season as much as possible.

3. Crazy cuisines
Think Green Eggs and Ham! A little food coloring could make a big splash during dinnertime. Folding napkins into silly shapes is another fun way to make the dinner table more festive.

4. Tag team the menu
Before you go grocery shopping, sit down with your kids and come up with a dinner menu for the week. This will give them a chance to learn what ingredients go into their favorite dishes.