Simple treats for your kids this Valentine’s Day

What better time to give the gift of love than during lunch! Here are a few helpful ways to create a lovely lunchbox for your little valentine.

1. Heart-Shaped Surprise
Nothing says I love you like a heart-shaped treat just waiting to be discovered. Incorporating heart designs into lunchtime is easy. Simply cut, draw or fold items like sandwiches, napkins and snacks into heart shapes.

2. Go Red
Not into cutting or folding? Creating a red and pink themed lunch is another sweet way to go. It’s as easy as adding a carton of strawberry milk, a cherry Jello cup or red velvet cupcake for dessert.

3. Healthy Hearts
If you prefer to stay away from sweets, use healthier snacks like sliced watermelon, strawberries or diced tomatoes.

4. Love Notes go a Long Way
Say something sweet. Scribble it on a napkin or arrange it on a cookie.

5. Spread the Love
Load the lunchbox with stickers and little chocolates. Because sharing something sweet is what Valentine’s Day is all about