Three simple, smart ways to work wonders with Whirlpool®

Use your Whirlpool® laundry pair and these innovative but simple ideas to clean and care for every detail of any fabric–with ease.

1. Sport Detergents
Don’t ruin new workout clothes by washing them with harsh detergents. These are specially made to maintain the high-tech qualities of your favorite gear. Use it with the Whirlpool® Duet Washer with Precision Dispense Ultra to release the perfect amount– for the results you want without having to do it yourself.
*Based on 2X concentration of HE detergent.

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2. Dryerballs
Try a different way to dry that reduces wrinkles and softens fibers. Dryerballs will also help reduce drying time by separating fabrics throughout the drying process. Toss them in a Whirlpool® Dryer with Advanced Moisture Sensing to help minimize shrinking and provide the right amount of drying to each load.

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3. Sweater Stone
Remove any unsightly pilling on your favorite tops with this ingenious tool. Store it in the laundry room to help keep your fabrics as good as new. And when you wash with the Whirlpool® Duet laundry pair, your favorites get a gentle cleaning that keeps clothes looking newer longer*, no matter what you put inside.

*Compared to traditional top-load washers.

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