Three smart new gadgets make baking with Whirlpool® easy as pie.

From birthday cakes to bake sale goodies, see what 3 innovative gadgets pair perfectly with Whirlpool® Ovens and Ranges to help you bake it, decorate it and serve it, effortlessly.

1. Cookie Press
This dishwasher-safe champ is anything but cookie-cutter: It lets you dispense dough in 14 shapes (including wreaths and stars) with a smooth pull of the trigger. Pair it with a Whirlpool® Oven or Range and cut oven preparation time for your next batch of favorite cookies with Rapid Preheat. This feature delivers 25% faster preheating* and creates the ideal temperature for single rack baking.

*Single-rack baking with Rapid Pre-Heat Option versus three-rack without option.

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2. Edge Brownie Pan
There’s often a fight for the bits of brownie with chewiest edges. This neat tin helps bake evenly throughout while forming chewy edges, making a runny center and over dry outside a thing of the past. Put it inside a Whirlpool® Oven or Range with AccuBake® temperature management system for deliciously consistent results – every time.

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3. Digital Measuring Cup and Scale
Combining a measuring cup and a digital scale is genius, cutting the clutter in your kitchen in half. This tool converts five pre-set ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, water and oil) from weight to volume, and displays the conversion digitally on the handle. It’s a great gift for the avid baker who loves to perfect his or her recipes. Use it with a Whirlpool® Oven or Range with the largest capacity available*, and you can double your recipe, making more to go around!

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