Technology is Tradition: thoughts from the Consumer Electronics Show

Blogger Meagan Francis attended the Consumer Electronics Show and came away with these thoughts on how technology and tradition work together in modern life. Click below the excerpt to read the whole post on her blog.

As a 101-year-old brand, Whirlpool has strong ties to the past – and in my little city, where the company was created and remains one of the area’s largest employers, people are fiercely loyal to the Whirlpool tradition!

But the company is also looking forward. The theme of the brand’s booth is ”Whirlpool 2020″, and it represents Whirlpool’s vision for the evolution of household technology over the coming years. Some of the products in the booth are things you can buy right now, or soon, while others are concept products that illustrate what a Whirlpool kitchen might look like in 2020.

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