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Help that fits in the palm of your hand

Keep tabs on what’s happening in the kitchen right from the Whirlpool® app.

Scan-to-Cook Technology<sup>1</sup>

Scan-to-Cook Technology1

Scan-to-Cook Technology1

Scan frozen food barcodes to send settings straight to your oven.2

Download & Go<sup>™</sup> Option

Download & Go Option

Download & Go Option

Send custom cycle combinations to your dishwasher.3

Nest Learning Thermostat<sup>®</sup> Integration<sup>1</sup>

Nest Learning Thermostat® Integration1

Nest Learning Thermostat® Integration1

Start the dishwasher or get alerted if the oven’s left on while you’re away.4

Small talk with big results

Control your kitchen with simple voice commands using the Google Assistant or an Alexa-enabled device.5

Customizes as you cook

Upgrade your routine with a touchscreen that learns and adapts to your cooking habits.

Appliances that keep up with your family

Upgrade your kitchen with the latest smart technology.

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